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Map of promenade plantee. Promenade plantee map (Île-de-France - France) to print. Promenade plantee map (Île-de-France - France) to download. The promenade plantee is an original walk, which stretches from the Bastille to the Bois de Vincennes, takes you sometimes in the air and sometimes underground. The promenade plantee unique design will take you from viaduct to footbridge, from tunnel to trench, through the East of Paris. It was created in 1988 by Philippe Mathieux and Jacques Vergely, on the site of the old railway line that linked Place de la Bastille to Varenne-Saint-Maur since 1859. Disused in 1969, it gave way to a succession of gardens scattered over 4.5 kilometers: Hector Malot, Reuilly, Reuilly station, Charles-Peguy as its shown in promenade plantee map.

Map of promenade plantee

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Paris has some of Europe most beautiful parks but for something different search out the Promenade Plantee. The promenade plantee its magical, green stroll 10 metres above the street, which begins at the Bastille and winds through the 12th arrondissement for three miles as its shown in promenade plantee map, coming out before the Bois de Vincennes. When a long-abandoned mid-19th century viaduct was converted into the world first elevated park walkway in 1993, most locals thought it a waste of money. Parisians needed time to take a project like this to heart, but now the Promenade is a cherished landmark.
The promenade plantee crosses the entire length of the 12th arrondissement of Paris (4.5 km as its mentioned in promenade plantee map). The promenade plantee follows the route of an old railway line which ceased to be used in 1969. The terminus station was at the Bastille at the current location of the opera house, the trains went to Boissy-Saint-Léger where there is now the RER A. The promenade plantee starts behind the Bastille Opera House. It overlooks the avenue Daumesnil up to the Reuilly garden: it is the famous Viaduc des Arts. The Vivaldi alley is then the commercial part of the promenade. Then this one continues in tunnels and trenches and one ends up joining the golden door and the wood of Vincennes.