Paris bus tour map

Paris city tour bus map. Paris bus tour map (Île-de-France - France) to print. Paris bus tour map (Île-de-France - France) to download. Paris has several tour bus operators as its shown in Paris bus tour map. The most renowned are Open Tour, Big Bus Paris and Foxity Sightseeing Tour. Find in-depth information about what each company offers and choose the best option. All sightseeing buses in Paris are open-top double-deckers and include an audio guide in English.

Paris city tour bus map

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Foxity Sightseeing Tour was the last tour bus to arrive in Paris (see Paris bus tour map). At first, this company only included a bus tour without having the hop-on, hop-off option. However, due to pressure from tourists, it now allows its passengers to hop-on and off. Foxity also organizes night tour bus.
The Open Tour bus is yellow and blue and allows its passengers to hop-off and hop-on as many times as they want during the validity of their ticket. A trip on the Red, White and Blue "Open Bus Tour" is a nice way to see Paris, especially when the weather is cooperating. We took two if the three routes as its mentioned in Paris bus tour map. The main route will take you past most of the main attractions and allow you to "hop on and hop off" at all sights all day long.