Paris guide map

Paris highlights map. Paris guide map (Île-de-France - France) to print. Paris guide map (Île-de-France - France) to download. The majority of the world-known attractions (Eiffel Tower, Champs-Elysées, Louvre etc.) are found in the first 8 arrondissements as its shown in Paris guide map. If your visit is short concentrate on the main highlights, but be sure you spend at least a day strolling off the beaten path. This Paris guide map is the only way to discover the real Paris - a lively, cosmopolitan but undeniably French city.
Opened in 1804, Père Lachaise is the world most visited cemetery as its shown in Paris guide map. Its 70,000 ornate tombs of the rich and famous form a verdant, 44-hectare sculpture garden. Highlights include those of 1960s rock star Jim Morrison (division 6) and Oscarbato Wilde (division 89). Pick up a cemetery map (or download digitally using a QR code) at the conservation office near the bd de Ménilmontant and rue du Repos entrances.