Paris guide map

Paris highlights map. Paris guide map (Île-de-France - France) to print. Paris guide map (Île-de-France - France) to download. The majority of the world-known attractions (Eiffel Tower, Champs-Elysées, Louvre etc.) are found in the first 8 arrondissements as its shown in Paris guide map. If your visit is short concentrate on the main highlights, but be sure you spend at least a day strolling off the beaten path. This Paris guide map is the only way to discover the real Paris - a lively, cosmopolitan but undeniably French city.

Paris highlights map

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Opened in 1804, Père Lachaise is the world most visited cemetery as its shown in Paris guide map. Its 70,000 ornate tombs of the rich and famous form a verdant, 44-hectare sculpture garden. Highlights include those of 1960s rock star Jim Morrison (division 6) and Oscarbato Wilde (division 89). Pick up a cemetery map (or download digitally using a QR code) at the conservation office near the bd de Ménilmontant and rue du Repos entrances.